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LEABON CE Straw Bales Shredder
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LEABON CE Straw Bales Shredder



The round bale crusher is an energy-saving and energy-efficient machine with electric power. The motor is used as the power to drive the inner belt of the car to be transported backwards. The crushing wheel rotates at the high speed of the tail of the car to break and break the bales, saving manpower and labor. effect.


It is suitable for all kinds of green and blue undergraduate crops such as alfalfa and pasture. It is also suitable for round bales such as round bales and square bales during fixed operations.


Technical data:

1)Treating bales: max 1500mm diameter.

2). Include blades and screen at the bottom. 

3). Fine dust collection system: included.

4). Feeding bales mode: by wheel loader with grasp.

5). Usage: crusher the straw bales into Scattered straw.

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