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  • Jan
    Heat dissipation method for briquette ball press:

    When the briquette ball press is working for a long time, the body will have a very hot feeling, and the burning will always cause great damage to the equipment.1. A. Before installing the ball press, the pipeline should be laid in strict accordance with the electrical specifications, and the strong

  • Jan
    The factors affecting biomass pellet machine life

    The biomass pellet machine is based on crop straw or wood chips and is pressed into pellet fuel by biomass pellet machine. Here, we introduce the factors affecting the life of biomass pellet machine:01If the raw material moisture too low, the hardness is too strong, when processing large power consu

  • Jan
    Matters Needing Attention When use the charcoal Machine

    1. The gearbox is filled with gear oil, which is based on the bottom of the gear.2, wiring, look at the flap of the material shaft in the hopper, the flap is pressed from the two sides to the middle is correct3, do not stand in front of the nose when starting the machine4. It is strictly forbidden t

  • Jan
    How to washing the pellet mill die mold!

    Materials: raw materials after pulverizing 25Kg; machine oil 3Kg, mini sand 5Kg (The diameter of sand must be smaller than the hole of mold/matrix). Mix all materials and take a part of them as the washing materials. The weight must be fit for the machine. Washing: Start the machine and put the wa

  • Dec
    Agricultural Resources for carbonizing

    With the development of small-scale equipment for biomass conversion, the vast area of agricultural waste has become a potential source of charcoal. In this sense, wastes mean the leftovers from plantation harvesting or the discharge from processors of agricultural cropsExperimental development and

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