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Packaging Process and Configuration of Pallet Wrapping Machine
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Packaging Process and Configuration of Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Packaging Process and Configuration of Pallet Wrapping Machine

Packaging Process and Configuration of Pallet Wrapping Machine

1. Introduction to Packaging Process

The automatic pre-stretch wrapping machine is mainly suitable for modern operations with large production volume and high logistics efficiency, and can meet the packaging requirements of lighter or heavier goods. Different packaging systems can be customized according to different products and actual needs on site to automatically complete the process of sensing and packaging goods. They are widely used in food, beverage, chemical, papermaking, building materials, medical and other industries.

1), Preparation work

Film loading: The staff fixes the machine stretch film on the film frame, threads the film, and fixes the stretched machine film on the tray.

2). Turn on the power:

Open the electric control box, close the air switch, close the electric control box

Turn on the key switch with the key and start running

The staff changes the top layer, bottom layer, number of reciprocations and other parameters on the control panel according to the cargo conditions, and presses the start button after confirmation.

3), Run

Start the automatic operation, the machine starts to run, the turntable rotates slowly and steadily, the film frame device starts to run, the stretch film is automatically attached to the goods, and the film frame begins to move up and down. During the packaging process, the tension of the stretch film can be manually adjusted. According to the tightening force and speed, the equipment automatically stops and the film is manually cut off according to the set parameters. The operator transports the goods out of the packaging station, and the entire packaging is completed. At this point, a cycle is completed, and continuous packaging can be achieved by repeating the above actions.

4), Change the film

When a roll of stretch film is about to be used up, it is necessary to stop the machine and turn off the power, manually replace the film and start from step one.


1),Control system

PLC programmable control, the number and number of winding layers can be changed

Photoelectric switch, automatically sensing the height of goods

Randomly reinforced winding function can provide special protection for local areas

Overhead time setting function

2), Turntable drive

Turntable frequency conversion speed adjustable 0~12rpm

Turntable automatic reset

Slow start and stop function

3), Thin film system

Made of high quality steel plate

After the production is completed, it is pickled, phosphated and sprayed.

Pre-stretched film frame: The stretching ratio is 1:2.5, automatic film feeding, and the film feeding speed is adjustable.

It is convenient to take out the film, just pull it out, and the film frame will automatically stop running after the film is cut off.

Film feeding motor 0.25KW

The proximity switch controls the film delivery, which is sensitive and reliable.

The film feeding motor is adjustable from 0-750rpm.

A photoelectric switch is installed on the film frame to automatically detect the height of the goods.

4),Column part

Double chain transmission, stable and reliable; the lifting speed is adjustable

Maximum packaging height can be customized

5).Basic features:

It has overload, overcurrent and other protection functions, which is safe and reliable.

The design is simple and clear, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.

Closed structure, sturdy and durable.

Controlled by PLC programmable controller. The number of winding turns can be set, local reinforcement can be selected, and automatic reset can be performed

One-click operation, flexible and practical.

The local winding of the winding target can be strengthened at will.

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