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How To Maintain The Pallet Wrapping Machine And How To Repair Related Faults
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How To Maintain The Pallet Wrapping Machine And How To Repair Related Faults

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How to Maintain The Pallet Wrapping Machine and How to Repair Related Faults

Equipment Maintenance

Tray Wrapping Machine1

1. Keep the space between the inner chain and the outer one lubricated by daubing the H20-HJ40 chemical oil. Tense the chains to eliminate the wobble in the ascending-and-descending process of the film system.

2.  The carriage up-down process, the driving of the turntable and the film system are motivated by the activator with worm wheel and worm. Please obey the following instructions in process:

a) Apply the lubricated oiled decelerator. The deepness of the oil should be the same as the full-gear height of the worm if the worm is below the worm wheel or beside it. If the worm is above the worm wheel, that deepness should be 1/3 of the height of the outer diameter of the worm.

b) It is recommended to use synthesized worm oil 200# (the viscosity is 320 when the temperature is 40oc)

c) That deepness should be half of the height of the oil mirror if there is one. The central distance a=63mm and it is suggested to add 400ml.

d) The oil should be renewed after a 7-14 days of maiden operation. After this, the oil should be renewed once annually.

e)The surrounding temperature should range from –40 to +40oc. The lubricating oil should be the one with low freezing point when the temperature is below 0oc.

Tray Wrapping Machine2

Equipment failure and possible solutions:

1.Press “ auto start”,the machine don’t work

Possible Cause

1)main power is off

2)CPS is off

3)”pause”is on

4)”E-stop”is on

5)PLC is broken

6)power line don’t connect

7)Wiring is not connected


1)Check the external power supply, re-transmission

2)switch the key switch or the air switch

3)Release the “pause”

4)Release the “E-stop”

5)change the PLC

6)Re-connecting the power

7)Checking the wiring

tray wrapping machine3

2.Turntable don’t move

Possible Cause

1)inverter is burnNo display

2)the parameter of the inverter is wrong

3)the turntable motor is broken

4)Knob is broken

5)PLC don’t have the output

6)chain is broken



2)Re-set according to the techaician

3)Check the motor of the turntable



6)Check the chain whether out of the chain wheel

3.Turntable move all the time

Possible Cause

1)Limit-switch is not reset

2)PLC’s dot is broken

3)Proximity switch is broken

4)manual/auto start do in the same time



2)Re-enter the program, or replace PLC


4)Close the manual operation

tray wrapping machine4

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