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What Are The Uses of Wood Pellet Fuel?
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What Are The Uses of Wood Pellet Fuel?

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What Are The Uses of Wood Pellet Fuel?

1. Civil heating and lifestyle: High combustion utilization rate, easy storage, easy use, safety and hygiene. For example, the Lao Wan boiler in Beijing is generally welcomed in family use.

2. Biomass industry boilers: As the main fuel of industrial boilers, it replaces coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve environmental pollution.

3, power generation: can be used as a fuel for thermal power generation. For each burning of 10,000 tons of biomass fuel, it can replace the standard coal of 08,000 tons, reduce SO2 emissions by 160 tons, 80 tons of smoke and dust discharge, and CO2 emissions of 14,400 tons.

Based on a 4 -ton boiler 3600 tons of coal 3600 tons, the use of biomass particles fuel saves 1.7 million yuan than coal, and the proper oil saving cost is 4 million yuan, which is 2.1 million yuan than natural gas saving costs.

Biomass granules fuel to change the density, strength, and combustion performance of the density, strength, and combustion performance of wood chips through professional mechanical treatment and compression molding. The burning time of things is only on the surface of the molded fuel. The particle specifications are about 3-5cm in length, 8mm in diameter (can be customized for customers with 6, 8, 10, 12mm), and 4730 high heat value (Kcal/Kg). Water content (%) 10. Density (kg/m3)> 1.12. Gray division (%) 5 1.5. Sulfur (%) 0 0.03. The air provided by the stove is sufficient, and the loss of unburdasted volatile molecules is rare, which reduces the generation of black smoke. Because the formation fuel is densely textured, the remaining carbon structure is relatively close after the volatile is overflow. The sports airflow cannot disintegrate it, and the combustion of charcoal can be fully used. It is clearly observed during the combustion process that the blue flame is wrapped in bright charcoal, the furnace temperature is greatly improved, and the fuel time is significantly prolonged. The oxygen demand for the entire combustion process tends to balance, and the combustion process is relatively stable.

Biomass particles fuel is the second generation of biofuels that "do not fight with food" and "not fight for food." The waste can be maximized and re -used. After the granular fuel, it can replace the non -renewable energy of coal and oil, and is widely used in garbage power plants and various industrial boilers. The combustion calories per ton can reach about 4,700 calories, and the efficiency can be comparable to standard coal. All kinds of emission indicators are lower than that of the country (GB13271-2001) "Boiler Emissions Emissions Standards" stipulates that it is the best product to replace electricity, fuel, gas, and coal-fired. The operating cost of biomass particles is low, and it can save 40%-50%operating costs than fuel, gas, and electricity heating. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving and environmental protection thermal energy.

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