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4-10T/H wood pellet making line
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4-10T/H wood pellet making line

Making round fresh wood/logs ,wood branch,waste wood, wood chips, wood sawdust into pellet as fuel for fireplace, power plant.
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 4-10T/H wood pellet making line

Product Description                                                                            

Production Flow Chart of Complete Wood Pellet Line:

Wood Chipping --- Sawdust Grinding ---- Drying ---- Pelletizing --- Cooling & Screening ---- Packing 

Complete wood pellet line is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel. 

The objects are used for burning purposes.

Raw materials
Logs,Spruce, Pine, Birch, Oak ,Acacia etc Wood , Sawmill Waste Wood Planks, Furniture Factory Waste Wood, Sawdust, Bamboo, EFB, Nuts Shell etc.
Moisture and Size
3-5mm;      10-15% moisture content 
Diameter of wood pellets

Detailed Images                                                                                    

1. Wood Cutting Process : Chainsaw split big diameter wood into smaller one at first.

2. Wood Chipping Process: Wood Chipper Process Small Size Wood Into Wodd Chips.

3. Wood Sawdust Grinding Process: Hammer Mill Grinding Wood Chips Into Sawdust.

4. Sawdust Dying Process : Drum Dryer Dry Wet Sawdust into Dry Sawdust 

                                              (reduce 40-50% moisture content to 10-15%)

5. Pelletizing Process: Horizontal Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Process Sawdust Into Pellets .
6. Cooling&Screening Process: Cooling hot pellets and convenient to package,long time storage.
7. Packing Process: Packing Wood Pellets into Bags for delivery ,storage and sales.

                                            Package wood pellets into plastic bags or woven bags; 

                                   Package weight per bag: 1-5kg/bag; 1-10kg/bag; 5-25kg/bag; 15-50kg/bag;

Complete System
Packing & Delivery
Our Company
(1). What capacity would your prefer?

-----The Capacity Range of Wood Pellet Machine: 0.5T/H; 0.8-1T/H; 1.5-2T/H; 2-3T;3-4T/H.

(2).What is your raw material?

-----According to different raw material(such as hard wood,soft wood,straw,rice hust), capacity is different.

(3).What is your raw material size?

- ----Best size for pressing high quality pellets is 3mm-5mm.

(4).What is the moisture of your raw material?

-----Better to be 10-15%.( If large than this, then we will recommend your Dryer Machine)
(5).Final Pellets Size?

-----We have Diameter for Pellets:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, (Different Diameters for your Different Requirement.)

------Pellets Length: Adjustable20-50mm. (Normally our clients ask pellets length of 33mm, between 30-36mm)
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