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Maintenance of Hammer Mill
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Maintenance of Hammer Mill

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Maintenance of Hammer Mill

Maintenance of Hammer Mill

9FQ Hammer mill7 9FQ hammer mill2(1)(1)

1. Each session before using, shall the capping bearing on oil cup, if appropriate precession lid, already spin shall be discharged, filled with butter, cover again after installed.

2. The accumulative total working hours later, with 200 bearing seal and bearing, felt in a clean, oil cup can be changed after cleaning, apply new wool grease.

3 .Each session before operation, and shall check the tensioner sanjiaodai, if already, should be a loose. Sanjiaodai, if already, should promptly replace aging performance, or influence.

4 .And when crusher work for a period of time after the work, hammer pointed round will influence the work efficiency grinding, shall all the hammer, use the same end turn 180 another sharp edges, and then use the same method with the other end of the remaining two horns. When four horns were changed after grinding new hammer.

5. Crusher work after a short time, due to various reasons sieving slice may generate wear or damaged, when damage is not serious, but from the reverse side, riveting weld repairs or if damaged shall promptly replace sieving slice. A change, should first make screen with screening sieving slice, then use the word joint close ChongZi and nut on the screen, then use the screw holes on the screen piece will tighten.

Raw Materials and Finished Products for Hammer Mill

raw material

final product

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