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How to Install and Maintain Hammer Mill?
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How to Install and Maintain Hammer Mill?

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How to Install and Maintain Hammer Mill?

How to Install and Maintain Hammer Mill?

Hammer millcan be widely used in the processing of concentrated feed (such as corn, bean cake, etc.) and various straw and vine feeds in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, as well as the crushing of raw materials in brewing, papermaking, pulping before starch production in chemical industry, wood flour processing of artificial board and other industries; At the same time, it is suitable for factories, urban and rural pig farms, chicken farms and specialized households to crush all kinds of coarse and fine raw materials such as dried potatoes, corn, bean cakes, sorghum, soybeans, shellfish and stems. The crushed straws (such as corn stalks, etc.) can be directly fed and crushed without pretreatment (such as short stalks, etc.), which brings convenience to all walks of life, especially the vast rural aquaculture industry.

Hammer Mill

How to install and adjust the hammer mill?

1. The hammer mill should be installed on the cement base when it is for fixed working. When the mill is for mobile operations, you can use the steel chassis or wooden chassis.

2. The axis line of the shredders’ pulley and that of the power machine must be parallel. Belts groove must be justified right. Install the Triangle strip (or other band), and tighten it. Rotate it by hand to check whether there are abnormal phenomena, such as bump. If there is such situation, adjust it or exclude the fault in time.

3. Connect the electrical lines well. There should not be barrier between the control switch and working position .The position for the control switch should ensure the easy installation and operation.

4. Check and tighten all the junction fasteners and openings on the rotor pin. Fill up the screw-cap-style oil cups on the bearing seat of the mill.

Hammer Mill (1)

How to Maintain the Hammer Mill?

1. Before operating, appropriately precession the screw-cap-style oil cups on the bearing seat. If the lid has been rotated to the end, remove the lid, and fill up with butter and then install well.

2. After the machine works 200 hours, clean the bearing within the bearing seat. And clean the seal and oil cup. After washing, change the blankets, and paint with the new grease.

3. Before operations, check the V-belt’s tensioning situation. If it is loosen, tighten it. If the V-belt has been aged, replace it promptly. Or it will affect the overall performance.

4. After the mill working for some time, the hammer's sharp corner will turn to ground corner .And it will affect the working efficiency .At this time, flip all hammer for180 degree. Use other sharp corners of same side. And then use the same method with the other two sharp corners of other side .When the four sharp corners are rounded, replace them with new hammers.

5. After the Mill has worked for a period of time, sieve may have been worn or damaged due to various reasons. If the damage is not serious, it can be welded or riveted from the reverse side. And if the damage is serious,replace the sieve timely. While replacing, firstly let the sieve skin and the ethmoidal meat us fit tightly. Then make hole onto the Screen terminal with the punch and the screw nut. And then fasten the sieve with the screws.

Note: The side with burr of Sieve Division should be down.

6. When the impeller wears seriously, it should be promptly replaced. And all the blades should be changed at the same time. In order to maintain the balance after the replacement of the impeller, please go to the manufacturer to buy the well balanced blades or impeller.

7. If the hammer mill does not work for a long time, remove or relax the V-belt. And locate the equipment in the dry place for preservation.

Hammer Mill (1)

Hammer Mill in Complete Wood Pellet Production Line

Hammer Mill (2)

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