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What Is Wood Powder Making Machine
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What Is Wood Powder Making Machine

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What Is Wood Powder Making Machine

There is currently a type of crusher/milling machine on the market that is similar to a wood crusher, called a wood powder making machine. However, many users cannot distinguish between the two, resulting in the inability to purchase the ideal machine.

So, what kind of machine is a wood powder making machine? This article will answer this question.

wood powder machine2

1. Product description

Wood powder making machine is used for light materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, toughness materials and other special difficult to crush milling equipment, fineness up to 400 mesh, to solve the vacancy of ultrafine powder on the market, equipment design reasonable, low loss, low noise, no pollution, easy to operate.

wood powder machine3

2. Scope of application

Wood powder making machine is suitable for: bamboo and wood flour, fruit shells, leaves, branches, rice husks, bamboo, wood chips, sawdust, corn cob, straw, grains, shrimp skin, fish meal, graphite, cakes, charcoal, cellulose, potato residue, tea, cotton, and other materials.

wood powder machine4

The wood powder making machine is driven by the motor to drive the spindle to run at high speed, so that the mechanical energy can produce high-strength impact force, compression force, cutting force and friction force on the crushed material, so the machine has a unique crusher function for fibrous matter.

It is an ideal crusher in industries such as building materials, health care, animal husbandry, food, and fragrance manufacturing.

wood powder machine5

3. Main structure

(1)The machine is composed of three parts: the body, the middle body and the lower body.

(2) The crushing knife is composed of 7 types of knives, 1 type knives and centrifugal knives.

(3) The machine is composed of: sieving machine, powder collector and dust collector.

wood powder machine6

(4) The crushing chamber of the main engine adopts 7-type knives, 1-type knives and centrifugal knives, including coarse crushing, fine crushing and centrifugal re-crushing.         The motor drives the rotor of the crusher to run at high speed, so that the machine generates high-speed airflow to produce high-strength impact on the crushed material.       Force, compression force, cutting force, friction force to achieve unique crushing functions.

(5) During the cutting and crushing process of the three blades, the rotor generates a high-speed airflow that rotates with the direction of the blade. The material is                     accelerated in the airflow and repeatedly impacted, cut and rubbed. At the same time, it is subjected to three crushing effects. The crushed material enters the sieve with         the airflow for analysis., the fine particles flow out through the sieve powder of the sieve machine with the airflow, and the coarse particles enter the centrifugal and re-           crushing chamber and continue to be crushed until you reach the fineness you are satisfied with.

Believe that through the introduction in this article, we can distinguish the differences between wood powder making machines and wood crushers, and then choose the suitable machine to use.

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