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Structure and Characteristics of Hydraulic Wood Shaving Bailing Machine
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Structure and Characteristics of Hydraulic Wood Shaving Bailing Machine

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Structure and Characteristics of Hydraulic Wood Shaving Bailing Machine

Structure and characteristics of hydraulic wood shaving bailing machine

When we got a new machine, before using it, understanding the structure of the machine is very important.


So what is structure for hydraulic wood shaving baler? Now will tell you.

The hydraulic bailing machine is consisted of main machine, electric control system, hydraulic pressure system, hydraulic accessories and etc.

1)     Main  machine include machine frame, feeding door, door of compressed barn, platen,out-bag device and etc.

2)     Electric control system is consisted of all switches, contact device,stroke switch, fusing device , integrated circuit plate and etc.

3)     Hydraulic pressure system has hydraulic pressure stop, pressure gage, oil tank, tank gauge,oil box, motor, oil pump, oil pipe and etc.

4)     Hydraulic accessories like joints, oil pipe folder, sealing ring and etc.


These all important parts on hydraulic bailing machine.

After learn the structure of this bailing machine, we also need to know the differences between this type baler and other type baler.

baler 2

Firstly, this bailing machine adopts a hydraulic transmission mechanism, which has an independent power mechanism and electrical control system.

Secondly, this machine adopts centralized button control, semi-automatic operation, and a safety interlock device, making the operating environment safer.

Then, using independent filling ports and automatic packaging devices can reduce labor intensity.

Finally, this compression bagging machine is movable and has a detachable design, making transportation and transfer convenient and fast.

The most important thing is that this packaging machine can not only work alone, but also work together with a conveyor and an automatic bag making system to form a complete particle packaging assembly line. This can be more automated, efficient, and save more labor.

baler line

If you need know more about this type baling machine, pls contact us. We have a professional 24-hour online service team to solve any of your questions.

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