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How to Maintain The Powder Packaging Scale?
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How to Maintain The Powder Packaging Scale?

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How to Maintain The Powder Packaging Scale?

How to Maintain The Powder Packaging Scale?

Matters Needing Attention in Equipment Maintenance

A, after replacing the instrument or sensor, calibrate the scale, without special circumstances, generally speaking, it is not necessary to calibrate.

B, put an end to overload work, so as not to damage the sensor.

C, regularly clean and check all parts of the scale body, and eliminate faults in the bud.

D, motor reducer oil change for the first time should be after 2000 hours of work, and then every 6000 hours.

E, in the scale or its surrounding equipment maintenance and use of electric welding machine, be careful not to form a current loop between the sensor and the electrode holder wire.

F, ensure that the equipment and control box have good electrical grounding.

G, ensure the stability of the platform or steel structure supporting the scale body, and do not connect the scale body with the vibrating equipment.

H, ensure uniform, stable and sufficient incoming materials.

I, Ensure the gas and power supply are stable and reliable.

J, every day after work, put all the water in the oil-water separator.

K, found that the problem should be handled in time, so as to avoid the fault expanding, affect production.

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Details of Powdery Materials Packing Machine

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Applicable Materials and Final Products

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