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How to Install Powder Packing Machine?
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How to Install Powder Packing Machine?

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How to Install Powder Packing Machine?

What is the Powder Packaging Machine?

Powder packaging machine is a mechatronics product suitable for accurately and quickly weighing and bagging powder materials with less moisture, which is widely used in grain, feed, chemical industry and other fields.

This product has good adaptability for the occasions with poor working environment. And the weighing range is wide, and any package weight can be set within the range of 20-50kg (only the size of the opening of the packaging bag needs to be considered). The weighing control adopts the advanced software and hardware technology at present, which makes the product work more stably and reliably. The instrument itself has a good man-machine dialogue function, which is convenient for the operator to modify the relevant parameters and make the packaging work faster and more accurate.

powder packing machine (3)powder packing machine (4)

How to Install Powder Packing Machine?

A, mechanical installation:

Please refer to the installation drawing to install the mechanical parts.

  • Please pay attention to when installing the feeding mechanism:

(1) In order to improve the weighing accuracy, the position of the packaging scale should be as far away from the vibration source as possible. The inlet of the feeding mechanism must be connected with the outlet of the finished product warehouse by soft connection (using soft cloth and other materials). The height of soft connection should not exceed 5 cm.

(2)The finished product warehouse above the feeding mechanism should be able to ensure sufficient material supply during normal operation, and it is obliquely connected with the feeding mechanism, so as to reduce the vertical pressure of materials on the feeding mechanism and avoid the influence of material collapse on weighing accuracy.

  • Please pay attention to in the process of installing the bag gripper and sensor:

(1) Never make the electric welding machine current pass through the load sensor.

(2) Never make external force impact the sensor.

(3) The sensor must be firmly fixed and the nut must be tightened. When installing, do not let the trachea be affected by external force, and the trachea connected between the solenoid valve and the cylinder should not touch external objects, so as not to affect the weighing accuracy.

(4) Redundancy should be reserved between the sensor connection and the external fixed point, and it should not be stretched too tightly, so as not to affect the free state of the scale bucket (bag holder).

(5) After the installation of the scale, the four corners of the scale are fixed with expansion bolts.

(6) The bag-clamping proximity switch, and the distance between the entrainer and the proximity switch shall be kept within 5mm. Don't touch it if you are close.

B, electrical installation:

a, Refer to the electrical drawings

b, The power and control lines between the control box and each equipment are connected and sealed by galvanized iron pipes or plastic-coated metal hoses.

c, Please ground the control box and motor.

powder packing machine (1)powder packing machine (2)

Applicable Materials and Final Products

powder packing machinepowder packing machine

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