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How to Deal with The Abnormal Phenomenon of Powder Packaging Machine?
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How to Deal with The Abnormal Phenomenon of Powder Packaging Machine?

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How to Deal with The Abnormal Phenomenon of Powder Packaging Machine?

How to Deal with The Abnormal Phenomenon of Powder Packaging Machine?

belt packing machine (1)belt packing machine (2)

Abnormal phenomena and treatment methods


Instrument display value



The actual weighing error is large, but there is not much difference between each package

Display stable

○The drop value is inappropriate

Modify the drop value. The actual weight is greater than the target value. Add more and subtract less

○Instrument zero position changes

Clear to eliminate tracheal elasticity interference

Display is unstable

○The fast and slow feeding speed is out of control

Check the inverter and frequency settings

○The measuring distance of the instrument is inaccurate


○The weighing bucket is affected by external forces

Remove influence

○Sensor sensitivity varies

The excitation end of the sensor is connected in series with a 100 ohm potentiometer, and then the comparison adjustment is performed

The actual weighing error is large, but each package is different

No bags

○Inappropriate advance amount

Increase the advance quickly and increase it medium

○Uneven incoming materials from finished product warehouse

Required to work above low material level

○The scale body shakes greatly

Reinforced scale body

○Instrument or sensor is damaged


○Three-stroke cylinder is damaged

Do not clamp the bag

Bag clamp proximity switch does not respond

○The bag clamp proximity switch is damaged


○The line is disconnected

Check replacement line

The tail light of the bag clip switch is always on, and the instrument screen is always on.

○The sensing distance is too close

Adjust the distance between the proximity switch, the lever and the bracket

The instrument screen entrainment display is normal

○The bag clamping signal line, solenoid valve or bag clamping cylinder is damaged


○The bag clamp signal output terminal out9 is internally damaged

Terminal customization, define the idle output terminal as a pocket

Bags can be clamped and loosened normally when stopped, but cannot be clamped normally after starting.

○The instrument value is greater than the zero zone value and exceeds the zero clearing range, and the bag is not clamped

Clean the soft connections, ensure that there is no external interference with the bag clamp, and adjust the zero zone value appropriately

Does not start

The running light is not on

○The target value is set to 0.00

Modify target value

○The parameters are normal, but the start signal cannot be input

Check start button and wiring

The quantitative bucket does not load material

The instrument screen is fast-adding, slow-adding and bright.

○Low air pressure

Check and adjust air source

○Cylinder freezes in winter

Heating, keeping warm

After the weighing was completed and the bag was loosened, material leaked out.

○There is a gap in the slow speed baffle

Adjust the slow increase baffle

The weighing hopper does not close the door after loading the materials.

○The zero zone value is too small, and the value is still greater than the set value after unloading.

Modify zero zone value

The meter does not display

○The fuse is blown

Replace the fuse and make sure the voltage is stable

Applicable Materials and Final Products

belt packing machine (4)

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