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Equipment Failures and Possible Solutions for Cylinder Wrapping Machines
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Equipment Failures and Possible Solutions for Cylinder Wrapping Machines

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Equipment Failures and Possible Solutions for Cylinder Wrapping Machines

Equipment Failures and Possible Solutions for Reel/Cylinder Wrapping Machines

Information on the Reel/Cylinder Wrapping Machines 

Reel Packing Machine (2)Reel Packing Machine (1)

1. With the LLDPE stretching film as the packing materials, this device is professional in the packing and wrapping of reel type products

2.  The packing cost will be reduced, a more convenient storage and transportation will be achieved and an easier recycle of the packing materials will be conducted with the application of the YP series reel wrapping machines, thus ensuring a less polluted environment. This is currently one of the popular environmental-friendly packing methods.

3.  YP reel wrapper is designed to stretch wrap reels and related items for secutity purposes in the transportation. Film provides extra support while the reels is being transport to protect them become damaged. And the plastic and closing label cannot be removed and replaced by a thief . Additionally , wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified.

4. Besides the basic stock packager, it. has produced various stretch wrapping machines in such types as cylinder paper/shade cloth, cable, plane and cylinder radial. We also produce other packagers for brown paper, EPE, the ordinary PE film, etc. Please contact the marketing department of our company for details.

Reel Packing Machine (4)Reel Packing Machine (3)

Equipment failure and possible solutions

Possible failure

Possible Cause


Press “ auto start”,the machine don’t work。

1、 main power is off

2 、CPS is off

3 、”pause”is on

4 、”E-stop”is on

5 、PLC is broken

6、power line don’t connect

7、Wiring is not connected

1.Check the external power supply, re-transmission

2.switch the key switch or the air switch

3.Release the “pause”

4.Release the “E-stop”。

5.change the PLC

6.Re-connecting the power

7.Checking the wiring

Turntable don’t move

1、inverter is burn,No display

2、the parameter of the inverter is wrong

3、the turntable motor is broken

4、Knob is broken

5、 PLC don’t have the output

6、chain is broken


2.Re-set according to the techaician

3.Check the motor of the turntable



6.Check the chain whether out of the chain wheel

Turantable moves by manual

The time of inverter soft start is too long,re-set again


Turntable move all the time

1、Limit-switch is not reset

2、PLC’s dot is broken

3、Proximity switch is broken

4、manual/auto start do in the same time


2.Re-enter the program, or replace PLC


4.Close the manual operation

Big noisy of turntable ratation

1、the floor is not flat

2、riding wheel wear down

1.Change the place

2.Change the riding wheel

Inverter overload warning display

1、 Voltage is not steady

2、 Cargo overload

1.Improve the power quality or adjust the inverter parameter

2. Reduce the weight of the goods

Film tension can’t adjust

1.DC converter box damaged

2、potentiometer is broken

3、DC motor is broken

4、the chain of the film carriage is loosen




4.Tightened the chain

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