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What is the Vertical Bucket Elevator Machine
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What is the Vertical Bucket Elevator Machine What is the Vertical Bucket Elevator Machine

What is the Vertical Bucket Elevator Machine

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Product Description

Product Description

Bucket elevators can handle a variety of materials, and therefore are used in many different industries and applications, though generally, they are not suited for wet, sticky materials, or materials that are stringy or tend to mat or agglomerate. They are frequently found in power plants, fertilizer plants, pulp & paper mills, and steel production facilities.

High speed bucket elevator widely used for vertically lifting granular material in grain storage, rice mill, flour mill, fodder processing factory. The machine is featured with small volume, high capacity, power saving and stable desperation etc.

Bucket Elevator(3)


1.All stainless steel technology, fireproof and wear-resistant.

2.High security .

3.Patented technology to prevent clogging .

4.Advanced technology, high quality, good sealing.

5.Engine base can be equipped with different hopper according to different requirements.

Bucket Elevator(1)
Bucket Elevator(2)

Detailed Structure

Bucket Elevator

Spare Parts

Bucket Elevator(5)

Wood Pellet Production Line

Bucket Elevator(4)

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