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What is structure for powder packing machine?
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What is structure for powder packing machine?

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What is structure for powder packing machine?

What is structure for powder packing machine

Powder packing machine is an electromechanical integrated product suitable for accurately and quickly weighing and bagging powder materials with low moisture content. It is widely used in fields such as grain, feed, and chemical engineering.

main packing machine

The powder packaging machine mainly consists of 4 major parts:

1-    Centralized control box;

There is an intelligent weighing control instrument (M04) inside the centralized control box, which is the control core of the entire packaging machine

In addition, there are control switches, power supplies, wiring terminals, and control switches and indicator lights on the box panel

packing machine control

2-    Feeding mechanism;

Feeding is a spiral feeding structure, divided into two types: double helix and single helix

3-    Weighing mechanism;

The weighing mechanism consists of 2 load sensors

4-Bag clamping mechanism.

The bag clamping mechanism is composed of a bag clamping cylinder and a bag clamping nozzle.

packing details

In addition to the four main parts mentioned above, the complete packaging machine also includes: finished belt conveyor, packaging machine, and adjustable columns used to support the packaging machine.

powder packing machine

This is a complete powder packaging machine.

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