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What Needs Pay Attention to for Using Four-sided Wood Planer
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What Needs Pay Attention to for Using Four-sided Wood Planer

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What Needs Pay Attention to for Using Four-sided Wood Planer

This wood planer machine is a commonly used woodworking machine used in wood processing. The following are some things that need to be paid attention to before, during and after using of the woodworking tool---wood planer machine:

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Before using the wood planer machine:

1. The operator must understand the function, purpose and operation precautions of the 4side wood planer machine before operation, and it is strictly forbidden for laymen to operate on the planer machine alone.


2. Operators must wear appropriate clothes during operation, no gloves, no long hair, and non-operators are not allowed to approach the working wood moulder machine.


3. Before starting the thickness planer, check whether the safety shield is positioned reliably, and check whether there are any objects or foreign objects placed in each part.


4. Warm up the wood board planer machine for 10 minutes before using and initiate a dust collection system when cutting to avoid blockage by sawdust.


When using the wood planer machine:

1. Don't put your hands into the wood sheet planer machine to push the wood when feeding, your hands should be separated immediately after the material enters the machine.


2. When wood jams the tool, stop the working planer machine first, then adjust and take it out.


3. When maintaining and using knives, do not use deformed or cracked knives; wear gloves when equipment and removing knives; pay attention to the direction of rotation of the knife shaft when equipment knives, and the knife shaft ferrule must be tightly combined without leaving gaps. And rotate the nut; when using the movable tool holder, it is necessary to determine whether the blade fixing screw is tightened to prevent the blade from flying out during the cutting process; the speed of the tool should not be high when operating.


4. After repair or maintenance, please return the safety equipment or protective cover to the original place to start the woodworking planer machine.


5. When the operator wants to leave the post due to an incident, shut down the working planer machine first, and never talk to others during operation.


6. When the working moulder machine is malfunctioning, it should be shut down immediately and handed over to a professional for overhaul. Make sure that the power supply is disconnected during overhaul.



After using the wood planer machine:

1. Clean up the sawdust around the woodworking planer machine before leaving get off work, do not allow the accumulation of sawdust on the motor, and do the daily maintenance of the planer equipment.


2. This wood sheet planning machine is a dedicated machine, non-operators are strictly prohibited to start operation, stubborn operators are responsible for the consequences.


The above are some precautions for this 4- side wood sheet moulder machine. Hope can help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our 24-hour online service can answer your questions at any time.

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