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The factors affecting biomass pellet machine life
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The factors affecting biomass pellet machine life

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The biomass pellet machine is based on crop straw or wood chips and is pressed into pellet fuel by biomass pellet machine. Here, we introduce the factors affecting the life of biomass pellet machine:


If the raw material moisture too low, the hardness is too strong, when processing large power consumption equipment, increase the cost of enterprise production, reduce the use of biomass pellet machine working life.

Excessive moisture not easily shattered, increase the number of impact hammer, it’ll generate heat as the material friction and hammer blow , make the processed products internal moisture evaporation, evaporation of moisture and crush the fine powder paste and blocked the mesh formation, reduce the discharge of biomass pellet machine.The products are raw materials such as corn, corn straw crushing product moisture are controlled under 14%.


At the end of the material crushing, mix a little wheat skin and oil into machine, pressing after 1 to 2 minutes, make biomass pellet machine mould hole filled with oil, so that the next boot can continual production, maintenance of the mold, and save time.After it stoped, loosening pressure roller and adjust screw, and remove residual material


A permanent magnet cylinder or a separator can be placed at the inlet of the biomass pellet machine to avoid affecting the service life of the pressure roller, the mold and the central shaft. The temperature of the pellet fuel during the extrusion process is as high as 50-85 ° C, and the pressure roller is subjected to strong driving force during operation, but lacks the necessary and effective dust protection device, so every 2-5 working days, The bearing must be cleaned once and a high temperature grease must be added. The spindle of the biomass pellet machine is cleaned and refueled every other month. The gear box should be cleaned and maintained at intervals of half a year. The screw fastening of the transmission part should be carried out at any time.


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