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Single-Bucket Packing Machine
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Single-Bucket Packing Machine

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1.What is a single-bucket packaging machine?

The system is applied to quantitative automatic weighing, filling, kneading, accumulating weigh and times, stitching and conveying with manual assistant for granular materials with less moisture and better fluidity.

packing machine

2.What are the advantages of the single-bucket packaging machines?

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the equipment adopts two feeding methods: pneumatic and servo electric, the difference is that the packaging speed and the accuracy of a single package are different, and the servo motor feeding and packaging machine is equipped with a full touch screen weighing instrument to control the operation more simple and intelligent.

packing machine(1)

3.What are the main components of the single-bucket packaging machine?

1)Feeding Silo

2)Sewing Sealer

3)Clamp Bag Device


5)Electric Control Box

6)Belt Conveyor

packing machine(2)

4.What is the suitable raw material for a single-bucket packaging machine?

Single bucket suitable for containing less moisture, good flow of granular materials: feed particles, wood particles, grains, rice, soybeans, corn, fertilizer, plastic particles, sugar, salt and so on.

packing machine(3)

5.What are the packaging bag of the single-bucket packaging machine?

Woven bags packing and paper bags packing.

packing machine(4)

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