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Precautions before production of log chipper
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Precautions before production of log chipper

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Drum Wood Chipper

Precautions before production of log chipper as below, pls pay attention for that:

1). Clean the work place and around of wood chipper machine.Then make sure there are no nails,iron wire and stone etc, in the raw material.


2). Inspect the oil of the hydraulic pressure and lubricating oil of the gearbox and other parts.Make sure the oil is added accordingly.Make sure the quantity of the oil is reasonable.


3). Inspect the tight level of the V-belt and conveyor belt.


4). Make sure there are no objects in the main body of the shredder chipper which can do harm to the chipper machine.The blades and other live parts must be equipped tightly.The space between rotor knives and bottom knife must within the required range. Make sure the bolt for fixing the rotor has been pulled out.


5). Make sure the capacity of the transformer is sufficient and matched.The cross sectional area, length and capacity of the wire must be sufficient.Connection between wires must be tight.


6). Inspect that whether the revolve direction of all the motors are right after starting the wood chipper machine.Start the out feeding system and keep wood chipping machine working for about 5 minutes before starting infeeding system.If some problems are found,withdraw the raw material and stop the machine in time.Keeping working with error is forbidden.


7). Speed of infeeding must be uniform.Too wide and thick material should be sawed or splitted advanced. Too curved tree branches must also be delt with first.It is better to bind the short or thin material together before send to infeeding.


8). Clear up the falling raw materials and chips in time.And pay attention to the working conditions of the wood logs chipper at any time.


9). Stop infeeding first when the work is end.After the chips are out feeded entire,stop the outlet motor of wood chips machine.Close the main motor last.Shut general  power down.Inspect the temperature of each bearings and the tight conditions of the blade after the knife rotor stop revolving.The work plat should be painted to prevent being gotten rusty if wood cutter will be not work for long period.


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