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Piston Type Biomass Solid Fuel Wood Sawdust Briquette Making Machine
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Piston Type Biomass Solid Fuel Wood Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

  • LBY-1000C, LBY-2000C

 Automatic Biomass Solid Fuel Wood Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

1. Features of Briquette Machine:
(1). Piston Type, with High Pressure, Max pressure: 300Tons. Min Pressure: 60Tons.
(2). Briquettes Diameter: Selectable (70mm or 80mm, Customized Accept).
(3). Briquettes Surface: Smooth.
(4). Briquettes Density: 1.0-1.4G

We have two different types of briquette machine, meet with your different requirement according to yours workshop size:
Briquette Machine with Feeding Conveyor:
(1). 6 Meters; Feeding Hopper: 1CBM.
(2). Cooling Line: 3 Meters. (Customized Accept about the Length of Cooling Line)
(3). Installation Size: 9.3*3.75*2.4Meters


Briquette machine with Screw feeder:
(1). Length of Scew Feeder: 6 Meters.
(2). Cooling Line: 3 Meters; Customized Accept.
(3). Installation Size: 8.9*1.78*2.8Meters

Screw Feeder副本

2. Brief Introductions of Briquette Machine:
(1). Length of Final Briquettes:Adjustable. (Normally briquettes length of 20cm used for fireplace; briquettes length of 3-5cm used for boiler).
(2). This is multifunctions briquettes machine, which is could produce both fuel pellets and fuel briquettes with kind of biomass waste.
(3). Raw materials could be: sawdust, rice husk, rice straw, wheat straw, cotton stalks, corn stalks, corn cob, peanut straw, peanut waste, wood logs, wood branches, wood pallet, wood waste, dry hay, grass, EFB, palm waste, etc.

Final briquettes-4

Final briquettes

Click the following link to watch the working video of this machine:


       Model: LBY-1000C
       Capacity        1000Kg/Hour
       Motor Powers
       Main Motor: 45Kw.
       Auxiliary Motor: 3*4Kw; 1.5Kw; 1.1Kw.
       Feeding Size of Raw
       Less than 20mm;
       (Final Feeding Size, high density briquettes or pellets you will get.
       Best Feeding Size is 5mm)
       Feeding Moisture Content
       Of Raw Materilas
       Final Products Your will
       Pellets or Briquettes. (Selectable)
       Pellets Diameter        8mm,12mm,14mm,25mm,36mm (Selctable)
       Briquettes Diameter        42mm,70mm,80mm (Selectable)
       Length of Pellets and
       True Density of Pellets
       And Briquettes
       Machine Size        3.5*1.7*1.8 Meters (L*W*H)
       Machine Weight        8000Kg

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