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Operation & Maintenance Of Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine
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Operation & Maintenance Of Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

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Operation & Maintenance

Of Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

1). Introduction for machine pellet:

Biomass wood pellet machine price used to making biomass raw material such as like wood, logs, wood chips, sawdust, rice husk, straw etc into pellets as fuel for fireplace, powerplant.


Require the raw material with 3-5mm size, 10-15% moisture content;

The wood pellets diameter can be: 6/8/10/12mm;

Wood Pellets length can be adjustable;

Pellet Machine with CE Certification.


2). Before Starting

Check the nut and promise it is tightened. Otherwise please tighten by the wrench. Before wood pellet mill running, must put engine oil into the gear box (about 80 litres). It can increase service life of gear box. The oil inlet is on the top of gear box. Stop putting oil until you can see oil through the observation hole.


3). Washing the mold 

Materials: raw materials after pulverizing 25Kg; machine oil 3Kg, mini sand 5Kg 

(The diameter of sand must be smaller than the hole of mold/matrix). Mix all materials and take a part of them as the washing materials. The weight must be fit for the biomass pellet machine price.


Washing: Start the wood pellet mill and put the washing materials into it till producing pellets. Check and confirm all parts of wood pellet making machine for sale working normally. Keep putting and make sure there are washing materials running in the body. Be sure pellet mill for wood works for at least 10 minutes. During this, please can add sand or oil into materials according to the moisture of final pellets. Then finish washing and put normal raw materials to press pellets. Be sure the moisture is 12%-15% and without impurity. Keep putting equably. Before finishing every day, Please put washing materials inside pellet presses for sale body and press pellets in order to keep matrix hole smooth and for pressing pellets normally for next time.


4). Maintenance of wood pellet mill:

Must press lube oil into die bearing every working 8 hours (250 degree heat resistant lithium grease is good). You can take out the circlip by the circlip pliers in attached tackle box. (Picture 6), also check the distance of die and rollers same or not, if changed, please adjust it.


5). Installation of the oil hydraulic pump

There are four screw bolts on the side of gear box. Install the hydraulic pump on wood pellet manufacturing machine price. Now connect the pipe from pump to the bearing. There are two orifices on the machine pellet One is on the gear box; the other is on the bottom of body (Picture 7). Pump motor power connected with the main motor on the press pellet directly. Then start the pellet making machineand be sure the pump working normally.


6). Common faults & causes & solutions of biomass pellet machine price


Possible reasons


Low Output;

Even the pellets can’t

be discharged!

1. The new machine hasn’t been abraded by oily material or is abraded insufficiently.

2. moisture of materials is too low

3. Gap between pressed roller and flat die is too big.

4. The pressed roller and the flat die damaged badly.

1. Clean the current material

and add the oily material to run-in the new machine

2. Adjust the moisture.

3. Adjust the gap.

4. Change the new ones.

Finished pellets are

Powdery and coarse!

1. The moisture is too low.

2. The flat die is working first.   

1. Adding water into material.

2. Abrade flat die.

Unconventional noises!

1. Something hard mixed in materials

2. Bearing broken

3. The parts loose.

1. Clear the hard thing.

2. Change into new bearing

3. Tighten the parts.

Abnormal shutdown!

1. Supercharge (Even lead to fuse fusing)


2. There is something hard

(Metal, iron) within the material.  

1. Make the gap big between

pressed roller and flat die(Change into new fuse)


2. Clear the hard thing.


7). Complete Wood Pellet Production Line Supply

Except wood pellet mill, we also supply different capacity complete wood pellet making line, also can customized the program of wood pellet line according different customers actual production demand for machine pellet.



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