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Knowledge of Tray Wrapping Machine
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Knowledge of Tray Wrapping Machine

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●Product Description

LB-TP Series is a newly developed pallet wrapping machine based on the current market demand. It is suitable for goods that are wrapped with stretch film after palletization. The automatic weighing wrapping machine can prevent products from loosening during packaging and improve packaging. efficiency, improve packaging effects, and increase the added value of products. This model can automatically display the weight of the goods after placing them on the turntable.

Tray Wrapping Machine

●Advantages and Features

1.It has overload, overcurrent and other protection functions, which is safe and reliable.

2.The design is simple and clear, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.

3.Closed structure, sturdy and durable.

4.Controlled by PLC programmable controller. The number of winding turns can be set, local reinforcement can be selected, and automatic reset can be performed

5.One-click operation, flexible and practical.

6.The local winding of the winding target can be strengthened at will.

Tray Wrapping Machine(1)

Different Type Tray Wrapping Machine

High End Pre Stretching Winding Packaging Machine

Tray Wrapping Machine(2)

Pre Stretching Winding Packaging Machine

Tray Wrapping Machine(3)

Detail Pictures

Tray Wrapping Machine(4)

Finished Product

Tray Wrapping Machine(5)

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