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Knowledge of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine
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Knowledge of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine

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Knowledge of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine

Knowledge of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine

1. Features of Horizontal Hydraulic Wood Shavings/Sawdust/Chips Baler

  • Quantitative feeding, fixed-length compression, instant bag making, automatic bagging, automatic sealing and sub-packaging

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission mechanisms, stepless control of compression force, briquetting/bag making speed, wide production cycle adaptability

  • Modular structure for feeding, compression, making/bagging, with independent power mechanism and electrical control system.

  • On-site buttons, centralized control of the production line, automatic operation, and safety interlock devices make the operating environment safer.

  • PLC program control, touch screen automatic/manual switching, and automatic coordinated operation of the production line;

  • Automatic fault diagnosis, fault cause alarm, eliminating troubleshooting time

2. Purpose and scope of application

  • Dedicated to quantitative compression, bagging and packaging of fibers, chemical fiber slurries, hop specialty agricultural products, etc.

  • Not suitable for feeding and packing bags containing hard and sharp materials

3. Environmental conditions of use

  • Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃

  • Ambient humidity: ≤90%

  • Altitude: ≤1000 m

4. Impact on the environment

  • All materials used in the production line do not contain any chemicals that may harm human health.

  • Noise limits are designed in accordance with the relevant provisions of Chapter 3, Article 1 of GB/T 50087-2013

  • Anti-water-conducting structure effectively controls extrusion water splashing and maintains a friendly working environment

  • Except for conventional commercially available grid power, no special supporting energy is required

  • This production line does not cause negative impacts on the environment and energy

5. Equipment safety guarantee

  • Feeding induction locking

  • Compression stroke lockout

  • Electric control box opens and shuts off the power supply

  •  Sound and light alarm operation

  • Hydraulic system pressure protection

  • Equipment failure protection

  • Emergency stop button

  • Automatic diagnosis of system faults

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