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Hydraulic Baler
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Hydraulic Baler

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Hydraulic Baler

Hydraulic Baler

wood shaving machine

What’s the function of Hydraulic Baler ?

The machine is used in any none-metal bale field, such as: pieces paper, cotton yarn, fur ball, plastic, wood shavings, foam rubber, wool, pieces fiber, clothing, and etc. we can change the specifications of the package according to the customers’ requirements, however, the customers’ requirements should be suitable for the shipment to the maximum extent to reduce the freight.

What's the feature of Hydraulic Baler?

a).Hydraulic drive,Independent of automatic drive structure and electric control system.

b).Collective Buttons, self-automatic operation,security chain device makes the operation environment more security.

c). Independent feed opening, auto package-out device.

d). Mobile, removable design, transport, transfer easily and quickly.

What's the structure of Hydraulic Baler?

The machine is consisted of main engine, electric control system, hydraulic pressure system, hydraulic accessories and etc.

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