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How to washing the pellet mill die mold!
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How to washing the pellet mill die mold!

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Materials: raw materials after pulverizing 25Kg; machine oil 3Kg, mini sand 5Kg 

(The diameter of sand must be smaller than the hole of mold/matrix). Mix all materials and take a part of them as the washing materials. The weight must be fit for the machine.


Washing: Start the machine and put the washing materials into it till producing pellets. Check and confirm all parts of machine working normally. Keep putting and make sure there are washing materials running in the body. Be sure it works for at least 10 minutes. During this, please can add sand or oil into materials according to the moisture of final pellets. Then finish washing and put normal raw materials to press pellets. Be sure the moisture is 12%-15% and without impurity. Keep putting equably. Before finishing every day, Please put washing materials inside machine body and press pellets in order to keep matrix hole smooth and for pressing pellets normally for next time.


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