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How to operate safely multiple blade rip saw machine
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How to operate safely multiple blade rip saw machine

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How to Operate Safely Multiple Blade Rip Saw Machine

multiple rip saw_副本

Brief introduction for the Multi blade rip saw:

Multi-blade rip saw, as the name suggests, is a woodworking saw machine equipped with multiple saw blades in one sawmill, so it can cut logs/planks into multiple boards at the same time. Meanwhile, multi-blade saws have relatively high requirements for saw blades, requiring small sawing roads, low saw blades, and high smoothness.

duoble spindle rip saw

 Saw blade for the Multi blade rip saw:

Saw blade holes are generally divided into heat dissipation holes and muffler holes. Heat dissipation hole-because the saw blade works under high speed conditions, the saw body is easily deformed due to heat; muffler hole-reduces the noise generated by the saw blade during work.

 blade saw details

The general reasons for the burning of the saw blade are as follows:


1. The overall heat dissipation of the saw blade is not good.


2. The saw blade has too many teeth. The more the number of teeth, the greater the resistance and the easier it is to burn the saw blade.


3. Saw chip removal is not smooth. If the sawdust is not easily discharged from the equipment, it will cause the local temperature to be too high, and it is also easy to burn the chips, so the saw must be selected.


4. The material has too many impurities or the quality is too poor. For example, if the chipboard is sawed, and the chipboard is too rough, there are too many impurities, and the resistance is too large, it will burn chips.


Safety operation regulations for the Multi blade rip saw:

Before working:

1. Operators are strictly forbidden to wear loose clothes, with sleeves rolled over the elbows or buttons.

Tight, long hair must be coiled up, no gloves allowed.

2. Clean up the workplace and check whether the knives are sharp and locked.

3. Check whether the pressing roller and guide ruler are normal.

4. Check the power supply test machine (the machine idling for 30 seconds), and observe the direction of spindle rotation

Is it correct? Is the conveyor track normal?

5. Prepare the wood and auxiliary materials (backing board, etc.), and prepare for the operation.

During working:

1. Turn on the power and start working after the standby device is running normally.

2. Adjust the pressing wheel to just press the material, then start the saw blade and start the conveyor belt after normal operation.

3. Adjust the conveyor speed of the crawler according to the material and thickness of the processed material.

4. Adjust the size of the cutting material according to the production process card, and the operator stands on the left side of the machine tool.

5. For each type of workpiece to be processed, the first inspection must be done.

6. Do a good job of self-inspection during processing.

After working:

When the operation is over, cut off the power supply and clean the site.

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