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How to choose the right wood pellet machine?
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How to choose the right wood pellet machine?

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How to choose the right wood pellet machine?

1. Different Type Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machine has two types of flat die type and ring die type.

wood pellet machine

wood pellet machine(1)

Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

Horizontal Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

(1) Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

wood pellet machine(2)

Electric Motor

This system pellet machine is suitable for making biomass particles such as sawdust, rice husk,paddy straw ,sunflower stalk, hulls, forestry wastes pellet, etc.

High output, low consumption and noise, better stability and lower fault rates, improved Fatigue resistance continuous production, economy and durability.

wood pellet machine(3)

Diesel Engine Driven

Diesel Drive Pellet Mill is suitable for large farms and organic herbal medicine and chemical industry etc.

and The raw material could be wood sawdust,rice husk,bamboo power,straw clover,cotton seed shell etc,and can be mixed with all kinds of power materials.

wood pellet machine(4)


It is mainly applied to granulation such a sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed skins, weeds and crop stalks and other plant wastes can also be applied to fertilizer, organic manure, fertilizer and fuel pellet.

The moisture content of raw materials is about 10%-18% before pelletizing

(2)Horizontal Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

In addition to the larger output of the ring die wood pellet machine than the flat die, it also has a safety whistle to ensure that the spindle will not be easily broken; There is a cooling device, the flat die granulator needs to fill the oil every 2 hours, the ring die does not stop, and the efficiency is high and the power consumption is small.

wood pellet machine(5)

wood pellet machine(6)

wood pellet machine(7)

2. What is the raw material?

The raw materials of wood pellet machine are mainly corn straw, straw, wood sawdust,wood logs,wood chips ,rice husk and other agricultural waste, and the particles made by the machine can be used for biomass power plants.

wood pellet machine(8)

3.What will the final product be used for?

Wood pellet machine is a biomass new energy equipment, and its finished products are used in biomass power generation, boilers, fireplaces, household equipment, etc.

wood pellet machine(9)

4.What is the difference between ring die and flat die?

(1)Advantages of flat die wood pellet: The final particles made of clean, pleasant, smooth; Its density is greater than 1.0g/cm3. Low noise, good stability, low failure rate, improved fatigue resistance, continuous production, economic and durable.

(2)Advantages of ring die wood pellet: high output, low energy consumption,

(3)In the capacity range: the capacity range of the ring die wood pellet is 1T ~ 10T per hour, and the flat die wood pellet is 80-600kg per hour.

(4)In terms of energy consumption: the ring die wood pellet has less wear during the granulation process and is more energy saving than the flat die wood pellet, so most large granulation production lines use the ring die wood pellet.

(5)In the device: ring die adopts high-precision gear drive advanced flexible coupling, high production efficiency; The main drive adopts imported SKF(NSK) bearing, NSK oil seal and Siemens motor, variable frequency control feed flow, all stainless steel cover and chute. Flat die installation KAF reducer and electrical control box. Key components are made of high quality alloy steel, adding wear-resistant materials, heat treatment; The service life can be extended by 5-7 times.

wood pellet machine(10)

5.What is the complete wood pellet production line?

1. Wood Chipper

2. Hammer Mill/Crusher

3. Rotary Dryer

4. Wood Pellet machine

5. Cooler

6. Packing machine

wood pellet machine(11)

We design and produce pellet making line, wood pallet machine, briquette making line, including sawmill, wood chipper, sawdust dryer, pellet machine, briquette machine, baler, and packing equipment.