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How to Install and Operate Corn Grits Making Machine?
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How to Install and Operate Corn Grits Making Machine?

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How to Install and Operate Corn Grits Making Machine?

How to Install and Operate Corn Grits Making Machine?

What Is the Basic Structure of Corn Grits Making Machine?

It is mainly composed of the total journey of the making machine, the total journey of three separation machines and the seven racks.

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How to Install Corn Grits Making Machine?

When the new machine arrives home, it should be fixed on flat cement and kept horizontal. It should not be fixed on wood or soft ground, so as to avoid the spindle losing balance and affecting the machining accuracy after the equipment gives way.

Check whether the connecting nut and parts are fastened, whether the adjusting parts are flexible, and whether the spindle steering and rotating speed are correct. After installation and debugging, loosen the handwheel of the threshing machine to separate the grinding cores, and start the motor to idle for several minutes. It is normal to be smooth and sound. After normal, a small amount of trial production can be carried out. The user's operation level directly determines the quality and output of products. After mastering the operation skills, the production can be officially completed.

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How to Use Corn Grits Making Machine?

  • The corn can be divided into three products: large, medium and flour by the following three separations, which are naturally polished. Feed the cleaned corn kernels into the hopper, rotate the adjusting handwheel inward, and slowly open the lower hopper when you hear a slight running-in sound between the grinding head and the grinding core. At this time, don't stay away from the adjusting handwheel for the time being, and adjust the tightness according to the size of the grits. When you are satisfied, pull the handle up on the left and tighten it once. When the machining is about to be completed, loosen the locking handle and rotate the adjusting handwheel outward quickly. At this time, the grinding head and the grinding core have been separated. It is normal that the grinding head accidentally collides at the moment of no load before and after the machine stops. When it is in working condition, idling is strictly prohibited.

  • When making corn flour, the operation method is the same as when making naan, but it needs to be processed circularly, and the handwheel should be pulled up once every time. Users can make their own sieve (the cloth in the three-step separation) according to the required thickness of corn flour and wheat flour, and if the processing capacity is large, they can also buy an extra set of laundry baskets for standby.

  • Mix the corn grits, open the lower hopper, start the gritting machine, and pour the cleaned corn kernels into the hopper for processing, until the installation and gritting techniques are satisfactory.

  • The operation of grinding feed is the same as that of making corn grits, but there is no need to peel the grain. Just tighten and adjust the handwheel once.

  • Total separation process: there are three outlets under the separator, the front outlet is a big one, the middle one is a medium one, and the back one is corn flour. Sewing two cloth bags at the two rear outlets respectively at the lower end of each outlet, below the separator, and digging a cement pool with a width of 0.5 meters and a depth of 0.3 meters. It is best to use durable plastic buckets for each function, which is light and convenient to move up and down.

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