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How To Solve The Fault of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine?
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How To Solve The Fault of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine?

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 How To Solve The Fault of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine?

How To Solve The Fault of Automatic Compression Bagging Machine?


The Horizontal Compression Bagging Baler is widely used for compressing and packing Organic Fertilizer wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, corn stalk, silage, hay and other agriculture materials into bags with specified size.It can compress and pack such agriculture material and make them into low volume and high density.

Why Do You Choose Horizontal Hydraulic Automatic Compression Bagging Machine?

1.Quantitative feeding, fixed-length compression, instant bag making, automatic bagging, automatic sealing and sub-packaging.

2.Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission mechanism, stepless control of compression force, pressing/bag making speed, wide adaptability to production cycle.

3.The modular structure of feeding, compression, making/bagging has independent power mechanism and electrical control system.

4.On-site buttons, centralized control of the production line, automatic operation, and safety interlock devices make the operating environment safer.

5.PLC program control, touch screen automatic/manual switching, and automatic coordinated operation of the production line;

6.Automatic fault diagnosis, fault cause alarm, eliminating troubleshooting time.

baler (1) baler (2)

How To Solve The Fault of Horizontal Wood Shavings Automatic Compression Bagging Machine?

List of Common Fault Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

Fault Symptoms Causes Solutions

Insufficient pressure and flow of oil pump

1. The motor turns incorrectly

2. Start the motor before the oil inlet valve is opened.

3. The electromagnetic reversing valve does not reverse

4. The solenoid reversing valve is installed incorrectly

5. The oil drain pipe leaks too much oil.

1.Adjust motor steering

2. Check and repair the oil pump

3. Replace with new reversing valve

4. Correct the installation

5. Adjust the pressure relief valve

Oil pump is too noisy

1. Lack of oil in the oil pump

2. Always run at low pressure

3. The viscosity is too high and the oil temperature is lower than the allowable operating temperature range.

4. The oil is mixed with water or impurities.

1. Refill

2. Apply high pressure (20MPa) to exhaust for 5 to 10 minutes

3. Replace the hydraulic oil with suitable operating temperature or heat the oil tank before starting.

4. Replace qualified hydraulic oil

The temperature of the oil and oil pump rises too high

1. Oil viscosity is too high

2. Fuel tank volume is too small

3. Oil pump or system leakage is too large

1. Replace hydraulic oil

2. Add cooling device

3. Maintenance of relevant components

Our company also provides other types of balers: Vertical Waste Carton Compression Baler; Agricultural Machinery Silage Grass Feed Baler.

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