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How To Choose The Suitable Luggage Wrapping Machine?
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How To Choose The Suitable Luggage Wrapping Machine?

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How To Choose The Suitable Luggage Wrapping Machine?

1.A Preliminary Understanding of The Baggage Wrapping Machine

The baggage winding machine is specially designed for packing luggage at the airport, which can play a good protective role in the process of baggage transportation to prevent the phenomenon of baggage damage and baggage exchange.
The baggage winding machine can be moved, the operator needs to put the baggage on the turntable, and adjust the position of the vertical rod according to the size of the baggage, so that the baggage can be smoothly placed on the turntable. Then the operator presses the start button on the operation panel, and the equipment automatically packages, and the general luggage can be 3-5 layers! After wrapping the winding machine, the operator cuts the film by hand and then picks up the luggage.

Luggage Wrapping Machine (1)_看图王

2.Features of Baggage Wrapping Machine

1. Turntable Drive
The speed of rotary table is adjustable from 0 to 40rpm
2.Film System
1) dynamic pre-stretching mechanism of the film frame, which can reach 250%
2) the rising and falling speed of the film frame can be adjusted respectively, the film feeding speed can be adjusted
3) the winding number of the top and bottom can be adjusted separately
4) the film system follow-up mechanism.

Luggage Wrapping Machine (1)

3.Knowledge of Packaged Products

1)Baggage winding machine is specially designed for airport packing baggage, can play a very good role in the baggage transport process to prevent baggage damage, baggage exchange and other phenomena.
2)By setting adjustable metal bar, can wrap most of the baggage, the maximum baggage weight is 100kg, the maximum baggage size is: 1300mm * 460mm * 1000mm (L * W * H)

Luggage Wrapping Machine(3)

4.Knowledge of Product Parameter

The size of our machines can be adjusted according to the size of the product that the customer wants to pack

Turntable diameter
Maximum luggage weight
Maximum luggage size(L*W*H)
Height of whole machine
Machine weight
Machine dimension(L*W*H)
Machine power
1.5kw 220V/50 Hz
rotary speed
0~50 rpm (adjustable frequency conversion)

5.Knowledge of After Sales Service

1.We can provide you the one year warranty but without the spare parts. 

2.The professional and timely 24 hours after-sale service. 

3.The relative video of the machine installation and instruction will be provided for you. 

4.We can provide you the different mould to meet your different requirements. 

5.We can also meet the special voltage demand. 6.The engineer is available to service machinery oversea.

luggage wrapping machine

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