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Horizontal Carbonization Furnace
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Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

  • LBCF-3 LBCF-10 LBCF-15

1. Introduction

carbonization stoves (2)

It adopts the advanced carbonized technology heat flow,carbonized rate increased significantly,The carbonized rate is about 80%, up by 99%.And the operation is very convenient, good safety,high production efficiency,can save a lot of energy, good environmental protection performance.Shunt can also dry burning boiler flue gas and so on.Truly the charcoal,gas and oil range of equipment.Is currently the world's most advanced carbonization furnace.
2. Advantage
1.Due to its design principle of rotary type, reduce its carbonization time.
2.it can use different material as the fuel.
3.Saving energy, it can reuse the smoke produced during the process of carbonization.
4.Compare with the hoist type carbonization, its biggest advantage is it doesn’t need any hoist equipment.
3. Technical parameter

Model LBCF-10 LBCF-3 LBCF-15
Feeding Capacity (Kg/batch) 5500kg/batch 1800 kg/batch 7500kg/batch
Raw log:charcoal=3:1
Capacity: 3.7 t/day(charcoal) Capacity: 1.2 t/d(charcoal) Capacity: 5 t/day(charcoal)
2 furnaces/day
(Wood briquettes)
Wood briquettes:charcoal=2.5:1
Capacity: 4.4 t/day(charcoal) Capacity: 1.4 t/day(charcoal) Capacity: 6 t/day(charcoal)
2 furnaces/day
Carbonization Time For wood (moisture of raw material≤15%): 8-10 hours
For briquettes: 6-8 hours
Cooling Time 8-10 hours
2 hours(with water)
Dimension 4800*2600*2200mm
Diameter of inside: 1.6m
Diameter of inside: 1.2m
Diameter of inside: 1.9m
Weight 4700kg 2600kg 6000kg

carbonization line (3)

Raw material of the carbonization furnace: 8mm Carbon steel as main raw material, rock wool for the temperature keeping, and alumium plate as cladding
Temperature based on the shape and moisture of raw material.
Max temperature:900 ℃
Carbonization temperature of coconut shell: 400℃
Carbonization temperature of bamboo:300℃
When the temperature reiceved 200℃-300℃, the gas will come out, and the carbonization start

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