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General faults and solutions of oil press
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General faults and solutions of oil press

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General faults and solutions of oil press

General faults and solutions of oil press

oil pressing machine

How to solve the following problems when using the oil pressing machine?

1-   Stuck screw shaft

The reasons for this situation may be due to the following 3 points:

1. Excessive feeding, especially insufficient heating of the refrigerator;

2. Belt slipping;

3. The oil pressing machine’s  chamber is mixed with stones, iron filings, and other debris

The corresponding solution is as follows:

1. Close the feed plate. Open the discharge plate, turn the adjustment screw clockwise, turn the reverse gear to reverse the spindle, discharge the oil from the discharge port, and then close the discharge port to slowly feed the oil until the load is normal.

2. Adjust the belt tension.

3. Extract the squeezing screw and remove the material from the squeezing chamber. The materials squeezed at the same time must be carefully selected.

2- The oil presser does not produce oil or the oil yield is low

There are several reasons for this situation:

1. The temperature of the oil pressing chamber is too low.

2. The material is too wet or too dry.

3. The material is affected by moisture and mold, the grains are not full, there are too many immature grains, and there are too many impurities.

4. The cake is too thick or too thin.

5. The oil extraction line is blocked.

6. Improper installation of the squeezing strip, too tight to produce oil, and too loose to leak.

parts 1

7. The cake is too thick and cannot be adjusted within 1.5mm.

How to solve it?

1. Follow the operating points to run in and raise the temperature of the pressing chamber.

2. Adjust the moisture content of the raw materials.

3. Oil that has gone moldy and spoiled should not be squeezed, even if it can be extracted, it is harmful to human health after consumption.

4. Adjust the thickness of the cake.

5. Disassemble the squeezing strip and clean it;

6. Adjust the tightness of the installation of the squeezing bar, and it is advisable to use a wooden hammer to drive the last squeezing bar with moderate force. For severely worn squeezing bars, all should be replaced with new ones.

7. Replace the cake outlet and screw press.

3- The oil is muddy and thick

This is a common problem with oil extraction. The main reason is that the raw materials are too dirty, too dry, too wet, too old, and moldy. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the raw materials and adjust the water content in order to obtain high-quality crude oil.

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The above 3 points are common problems that occur during the use of oil making machine. As long as the cause is identified, it can be resolved.

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