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Electric Control Equipment
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Electric Control Equipment

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Electric Control Equipment

Operation control system features:

1 motor control (MCC) and blending control using programmable logic controllers (PLC) controls, overload, phase, short, interlocking, maintenance and other safety features make the production more stable and reliable.

2, weighing systems made of Chi Mei in Zhuhai high precision instrument, Toledo high precision sensors, combined with special air unit and stable arc-type scale discharge gate, protect the dosing accuracy of the static 1/1000F. S dynamic 3/1000F. S

3, the control is divided into manual control and automatic control, control of three to ensure the stability of the control system operation and reduce misoperation; automate production requirements, maintenance, debugging is easier.

4, control features
(1) The entire dispensing process consists of 3 Philips LCD colour monitor display, human-computer interaction a good operating system;

(2) the cartridge stall cartridge alarm, alarm and air hoist added sound and light alarm, small material confirmation reply reminder prompts, such as the human-machine communication smoother;

(3) Pulse dust collector adopts PLC control;

(4) The mill loading, granulating machine load, the automatic adjustment operation, (purchase separately)

(5) Mill, pellet mill feeder using inverter speed control, high stability and easy operation.

(6) High power pellet mill, mill with programmable soft-start, overcoming the torque star-triangle transformations destructive transient and cannot start the current stability best, elimination of the torque in the current to jump in. Field installation of emergency stop button, restart, stop loading, operation set up by the operator completes, run the data transfer to a central control room;

(7) Equipment package Technology Division set control stalls. Equipment according to section starts in reverse, down in the order. Manual maintenance: arbitrary start/stop of the equipment within the section;

(8) The simulation screen display equipment running status in real time, fault alarm;

(9) Computer batching section based on user demand, control can be associated with a local area network. Through the network



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