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Heat dissipation method for briquette ball press:
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Heat dissipation method for briquette ball press:

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When the briquette ball press is working for a long time, the body will have a very hot feeling, and the burning will always cause great damage to the equipment.

1. A. Before installing the ball press, the pipeline should be laid in strict accordance with the electrical specifications, and the strong and weak signal lines should be isolated and worn to avoid interference.

    B. In an outdoor open environment, independent external lightning protection measures should be taken. The ball press itself should also maintain a good grounding to prevent static buildup and other effects on the dome.

    C. Install the power cable, communication cable and video cable correctly. When connecting, carefully refer to the installation instructions to confirm the communication method and corresponding pin definition.

2. Generally, the equipment should be installed in the later stage of construction to avoid a large amount of dust entering the ball press at the construction site, which directly affects its use effect and life.

3. The heat dissipation problem during the operation of the ball press must also be considered. Some brands of pressure ball machines on the market do not have outdoor models, so they cannot be directly used outdoors, and must be equipped with accessories such as outdoor shields.

The outdoor ball press is equipped with a sunshade, a heater, and a dual cooling fan as standard, making it suitable for outdoor harsh or extreme temperature differences.

After installing the ore powder ball press, you should first perform single-unit debugging, which can reduce the burden on the whole system debugging.

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