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Automatic Wood/Feed Pellet Packaging Machine
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Automatic Wood/Feed Pellet Packaging Machine


Range of Application

It is suitable for the quantitive packaging of granules in food, grain ,fodder, Sugar making nad chemical industry,etc.
packing material (2)


u  New controller with high precision can display the total weight, number of package, easy operation.

u  The adaptive software, having the function of automatic control parameters setting, automatic drop revising, over-weight warning and auto-diagnosis.

u  Wide packing range, it can match well with conveyor and sewing machine

u  Adopt imported sensor, pneumatic actuator, easy maintenance and non-pollution.

u  The main materials body is carbon steel, with painted plastic. And material contact part is stainless iron, corrosion resistance, long service life

u  Communication interface can be offered if need, realization of data communication with PC

1 Packing machine 003_副本
3 Packing machine 005_副本
Main Data:

Model Name DB-1A DB-5A DB-25A DB-50A DB-100A
Packing Range 0.2-1kg 1-5kg 2.5-25kg 5-50kg 10-100kg
Packing Error 0.2%F.S 0.2%F.S 0.1 %F.S 0.1 %F.S 0.1 %F.S
Packing Speed 300-500 bags/h 300-500 bags/h 300-420 bags/h ≥300 bags/h ≥ 300 bags/h
Division Value 2g 5g 10g 20g 20g
Power AC 220V 50Hz
Air Supply 0.4-0.8 MPa
Machine Dimension 1725x620x710
Actuator pneumatics
Accuracy Class X(0.2)    X(0.1)
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Package for delievry:


Working video on Youtube, kindly check the following link:

       Model Name        DB-1A        DB-5A        DB-25A        DB-50A        DB-100A
       Packing Range        0.2-1kg        1-5kg        2.5-25kg        5-50kg        10-100kg
       Packing Error        0.2%F.S        0.2%F.S        0.1 %F.S        0.1 %F.S        0.1 %F.S
       Packing Speed        300-500 bags/h        300-500 bags/h        300-420 bags/h        300 bags/h         300 bags/h
       Division Value        2g        5g        10g        20g        20g
       Power        AC 220V 50Hz
       Air Supply        0.4-0.8 MPa
       Machine Dimension        1725x620x710
       Actuator        pneumatics
       Accuracy Class        X(0.2)    X(0.1)

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