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Agricultural Resources for carbonizing
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Agricultural Resources for carbonizing

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With the development of small-scale equipment for biomass conversion, the vast area of agricultural waste has become a potential source of charcoal. In this sense, wastes mean the leftovers from plantation harvesting or the discharge from processors of agricultural crops

Experimental development and pilot-plant tests with these materials started before the Second World War Commercial exploitation of the research results began only in 1950 in the U.S.A. The list of the agricultural residues which have been successfully tried in the meantime comprises more than forty different raw materials. They can be grouped

as follows:

---husks and shells of nuts

---plantation residues from coffee, cotton, papaya and orchards

---discharges from farm cropping and food processing 

---sugarcane bagasse

---straw, reed, bamboo, grass, weeds, underbrush, cactus

---assorted municipal waste

---industrial waste from paperslaughterhous

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